Guangzhou Import And Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou (Pazhou)

  • 9 Apr, 2019
  • Demark

Demark Holding Group is a leading supplier of smart factory solutions in the plastic packaging industry. The Group is located in Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is known as the “Pearl of Tai Lake”. It covers an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters. It has fixed assets of 720 million yuan. The group has 4 subsidiaries and has set up sales and R&D bases in Shanghai. The products are exported to more than 100 countries. The services cover liquid packaging, medical, fast-moving packaging and automobile and motorcycle parts. , one-step service including plant design and planning, integrated production line integration, engineering installation and commissioning, personnel operation training and whole line after-sales service. It mainly produces injection molding machines, blow molding machines, molds and automation equipment. The Group has been rated as a national Torch Program project, a national high-tech enterprise, a top ten enterprise in China’s liquid food machinery industry, and a key backbone enterprise in China. It has successfully implemented national key new product projects and national innovation fund projects. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and international certifications such as CE and UL.

Exhibit 1

iTP new servo energy saving two-platen injection molding machine (iTP1200)


Product introduction:


  1. Demark’s new two-platen machine provides the market with higher selection criteria, widely used servo drive technology, and excellent machine design, which brings the advantages of Demark’s new two-platen injection molding machine with high efficiency and energy saving.


  1. The new two-platen machine is particularly suitable for use in the automotive industry, the white goods industry, and other industrial plastic products.


Product advantages:


A, Clamping unit


  1. Servo hydraulic system: The double cooperation between the imported servo motor and the oil pump in Europe makes the energy consumption and efficiency leading from the beginning.


  1. Dynamic linear guide: The moving plate runs on the linear guide for less friction, better parallelism and faster product cycle.


  1. High-rigidity template: By optimizing the design of the two plates, the two plates are more rigid, smaller in deformation, compact in structure and easy to ejector.


  1. Non-contact tie rod design: The non-contact tie rod design completely changes the shortcomings of the traditional two-platen machine guide sleeve and tie rod easy to wear. The long-running template has good parallelism and does not need to lubricate the pull rod, thus avoiding the possibility of lubricating oil contaminating the mold.


B, injection unit


  1. High-efficiency plasticization: Imported servo motor sol brings double improvement in energy saving and efficiency.


  1. Compact design: Parallel twin-cylinder injection makes the injection more stable, and the user-friendly design makes the replacement screw easy to operate.


  1. High-efficiency barrel design: equipped with nano far-infrared heating coil and high-efficiency screw, which further increases the efficiency and energy saving of the whole system.


  1. Servo drive: The servo drive of the whole system makes Demark’s new two-platen machine open mold and sol action simultaneously.


C, perfect performance


The design of the entire DemarkiTP series two-board machine is built around efficiency and energy efficiency, so our customers can get the following advantages:


  1. Energy saving of up to 25% over similar injection molding machines.


  1. Maximize production efficiency


  1. Recover investment costs faster


Exhibit 2

iPP high speed packaging machine (iPP300)


Product introduction:


Clamping structure designed for fast packaging High-rigidity stencil design meets the requirements of the fast opening and closing of the packaging industry. Thanks to the accumulator design, the opening and closing mode power is on call.


Product advantages:


Clamping  structure designed for fast packaging


  1. The high rigidity template design meets the requirements of the fast opening and closing mode of the packaging industry.


  1. Thanks to the accumulator design, the opening and closing mode power is on call.


  1. A rich interface is reserved for the supporting automation system.


Subverting traditionally designed injection mechanisms


European servo motor melting


  1. Single-cylinder injection structure ensures fast and accurate injection, and the rate of fire is up to 1000mm/s


  1. European servo motor is filled with liquid nitrogen accumulator, so that the power is always sufficient


Positioning high-end, high-speed packaging injection molding machine


  1. Ultra-high rate of fire to meet the stringent requirements of the packaging industry


  1. Excellent system design makes machine accuracy always controllable


  1. Unparalleled production cycle with high product repeatability


Application range:


  1. Suitable for large-volume, high-precision production of thin-walled packaging products


  1. Production of high quality and high yield plastic caps


  1. Supporting Demark In-Mold Labeling System


  1. Other high speed packaging products


Exhibit 3

ECO Series High Efficiency Bottle Injection System (ECO400)


Product introduction:


The ECO Series High-Efficient preform Injection System (ECO400) is a 72-cavity high-speed preform injection system that is more than twice as efficient as a conventional preform injection molding machine.


Product advantages:


  1. Leading the pressure-keeping valve design of other peers in the industry, the melting and pressure can be simultaneously carried out, effectively shortening the cycle time


2, with Demas high-quality preform injection mold, mold cooling robot, Siemens centralized control system and efficient raw material drying system, so that you can get more returns in a limited investment.


  1. The newly designed pressure-preserving valve device enables the melting action to be carried out simultaneously while the pressure-preserving action is being carried out throughout the production cycle, so that the entire injection cycle has undergone a tremendous change, compared to a conventional machine without a pressure-retaining valve device. The production efficiency of the ECO series is more than twice that of ordinary injection molding machines.


  1. The plasticizing part uses an independent servo motor to drive the screw to rotate. Meet the requirements of PET for high torque and low speed of the motor. It ensures the high efficiency and energy saving of the sol, does not occupy the hydraulic power of the system, and makes the other actions of the system respond more quickly. The three-station post-cooling manipulator helps the preform to shorten the cooling time in the mold.


  1. The whole system is driven by multiple servo motors. The robot and the injection molding machine are controlled in an integrated system, coordinated operation, all movements are seamless, the proportional valve controls the injection glue, more precise, and the proportional valve controls the injection and opening and closing modes. The ejection action, the whole movement is fast and precise, and the pressure and speed of the entire hydraulic system reach a maximum value of only 0.12s.


  1. Optimized PET special machine hinge parameters, the opening and closing mode is fast and stable, the template is rigid and the force is uniform. The rectangular four-column inner distance is used to match the mold structure to ensure uniform force of the mold. It is compatible with German MHT mold and multi-top rod. Uniform distribution, large top output, with pressurized structure, large top output and quick combination, ejector limit structure, top electric eye confirmation, protection of mold, clamping part of sheet metal full package design, safe and clean, and selected with mold de-extractor to provide conditions, excellent system configuration, to ensure stable operation of equipment


  1. Designed for the production of PET, the large screw and quick opening and closing mold design, the series is widely used in the production of water and beverage bottles, and is also particularly suitable for the production of large grams of bottles, such as oil bottles and 5L water. bear grudge. Not only that, but Demark also provides more advice and assistance from multiple dimensions, including the concept of turnkey services including bottle design and plant planning.


In particular, we wish Demark Holdings Group to successfully achieve the expected goals in this CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas!


Booth: Hall E1, C21, Hall 11.1, Hall J41


Time: May 21 – 24


Venue: Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou (Pazhou)

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